We offer qualified teaching at start-up, refresher courses and 24-7 telephone support.

Comprehensive training

Picasso Digital is an incredibly comprehensive system, so even though it is intuitive, before you start using it, you will need some information and training.

Fortunately, we have skilled teaching consultants with many years of experience in making hotel management and staff ready for a new and easier work day with Picasso Digital.

At start-up

A good beginning is half the battle

Training in using Picasso Digital is a integral part of the installation, and is sceduled individually with the users.

Our consultant is on site, and together with the management / key people will review the company’s workflows, business areas, etc.
The consultant guides you to set up and use the system most efficiently. We will teach you how to enter and view data.

During the installation period, the key people at the hotel are trained in their respective area of responsibility so that they can help colleagues get started with the individual routines.

We will ensure that everyone has sufficient training and we finish up with a follow-up day on site, where we review the new workflow, correct any user errors, and see if anything can be further optimized.

We will follow up on the installation with extra attention in the following month, and are available for any questions.

Further education

Refresh your knowledge with a Corporate Training Programme

The company courses for Picasso Digital users are individually tailored to the needs of the users. We hold company courses by appointment, either at AK Techotel or at the hotel/venue.

We can do courses centered around general refreshing of Picasso Digital skills or we can dive into specific areas of Picasso Digital, that you would like to know better. For example, our marketing management module or the financial system.

24 Hours support

Help is close at hand  – around the clock

Should you still have doubts or further questions about operating the hotel or restaurant system, we answer emails within normal office hours at

If you need to speak to a consultant, Techotel offers  telephone support to all our customers
Monday – Thursday 7 am – 3 pm
Friday 8 am – 2 pm
(Free until 11 am.)

When the support is closed, the hotline takes over.
In other words, we are available 24 hours a day.

Read more about support here.

Need hardware?

We can help you!

At AK Techotel, we have knowledge of which hardware is optimal for running our software. You can benefit from that if you order your hardware from us.

Check-in stand-alone with key delivery

Would you like to send the reception home early, and still know for sure that your guests are staying? Then maybe you should have a VIP stand.
The stand is physically located in the hotel and allows guests to check in using the touch screen, and hands out key cards to the room.

Payment terminals

The easiest way is to get it all in one place, which is why we also offer payment terminals with full integration with Picasso Digital.

Receipt printers

Get the right printer to make receipts or kitchen notes

Other hardware

Tablets for quick operation

Whether it is service in the restaurant or checklist for the cleaning, it can be an advantage to work on a tablet, such as. an ipad. They are fast, easy to carry and take up less space than a laptop.

Flat screen TV

You can buy or rent TV sets for our Dali TV and internet solutions.
We are happy to help with installation and also have equipment for transport and hanging in the rooms.


The smart-box solution combines TV and the Internet’s qualities via apps. The smart box is placed directly on the TV set and turns this into a Smart TV where the guest can watch streaming services, go online, rent movies etc.
You can buy or rent the box and the multifunctional remote control from us.

Write to us and get a quote on what hardware you need.

Call or write to us
if you would like to know more about training