Service agreement

You get access to 24 hour support with AK Techotel's Positive Service Agreement. Get support by skilled professionals who know everyday life in a busy hotel environment.

Technical system errors

  • All errors must be reported to Techotel via

  • In the event of critical/acute system errors outside office hours, Techotel Hotline can be contacted 24 hours a day free of charge.

  • Techotel is obliged to start troubleshooting within 4 hours of receiving an error message. If Techotel Hotline does not respond or is busy, please try again. You are entitled to help within 4 hours.

  • Errors of a less serious nature, where the system can still be used as a whole, must be reported to Techotel within our normal office hours via

  • Before calling the Techotel Hotline, the following must be met by the hotel staff:
    – Attempt to restart Picasso Server
    – Access to all log-in and password
    – Access to Picassoserver & Techotel router
  • As an additional service during our office hours, we provide free telephone assistance when installing new versions.
  • New staff at the hotel must always review this Techotel Positive Service Agreement.
  • Techotel’s staff is committed to always being polite, positive and helpful.

Operating the system

  • The service agreement does not cover assistance in operating the system.
  • The hotel is responsible for ensuring that employees are thoroughly integrated into the system.
  • As an additional service, Techotel offers free telephone assistance to operate the system, on all working days between 7 am-12 am provided a vacant consultant is present. After kl. 12 am, assistance for operating the system will be invoiced with  EUR 141 per. commenced hour. The office closes for calls at 3pm after which telephone contact is referred to the hotline.
  • Techotel Hotline is only intended for system errors, so calls regarding operation of the system or other inquiries not related to a technical error in Picasso or other products supplied by Techotel will be invoiced with EUR 282,-
  • AK Techotel is obliged to carefully review the situation before we invoice for assistance with service on the Hotline. AK Techotel only invoices to keep our Hotline free, so that we can provide a fast service in the event of critical system errors, as we are obliged to start troubleshooting within 4 hours of receiving a call.