Quick overview

An indispensable tool for hospitality management

A simple and user-friendly app for the hotel manager who needs a quick overview of his business on the go.

The app that provides a lightning-fast overview

If you want a lightning-fast overview with a grip in your pocket, Piccolo is the perfect tool.

Picasso Digital can tell you everything you need to know about your business and its development with countless analyzes, graphs and models.

Piccolo gives you a clear picture of yesterday’s sales of rooms, occupancy and pax. You can compare the numbers against the same period last year, and make informed decisions on the go about prices, tenders, promotions, etc.

The figures are drawn from Picasso Digital and presented quickly and clearly. An indispensable tool for dynamic management.

Piccolo shows you:


  • Early out
  • Pax
  • Pax/Room
  • Out of Order (Ooo)
  • Rev/1000
  • Rev/PAR
  • Occupancy % per day, month, year
  • Occupancy % forecast per month, year

Piccolo settings

Use weekday as base: You can chose whether the day you are comparing with the year before should be the nearest day of the week or the same date, so that you get the best basis for comparison.

Display segment: Have the app divide the statistics into segments.

Quick Display: Choose which data you want to display in the Quick display menu above. The buttons change color according to the up or down trend for the lightning fast overview.

Show diff% instead of absolute value: See percentage difference between this year and last year instead of the values ​​for this year and last year, for a lightning fast comparison.

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