Picasso Mobile POS

Faster guest service at the table

Bring Picasso Digital functions all the way to the table with the Appetite mobile version. Simple use, fast ordering, payment and happy guests.

Save time and staffing with Picasso Mobile POS

With Picasso Mobile POS the server can save valuable time taking and sending orders directly from the table, focussing on the customer needs, it will save a lot of efforts and energy at the end of the day.

Picasso Mobile POS is great for both hotel, restaurant and conference postings.

Picasso Mobile POS is available on Android / tablet / iPhone / iPad.

No training is nessesary. The Picasso Mobile POS is easy to operate for both regular and occasional employees.

Maybe you can reduce your staff expenses?

Picasso Mobile POS

– Access to your entire Appetite product range. No need to duplicate your ware to a new app.
– Can post items directly to room account or table tab.
– Handles splitbills.
– The main Picasso Digital cashier is updated immediately when the order is entered in Picasso Mobile POS.
– Offers integrated creditcard payment on the POS tablet/phone.
– Credit polices
– Transfer table sales tabs to reservation accounts.
– Create new folio

Mobile POS can transfer amount:
  – From table to room or conference room 
  – From one room to another room or conference room
  – From one conference room to another or to room
  – From sales folio to room or conference room

NEWS: Mobile POS now also handles creditcard payment

Picasso Mobile POS now offers integrated credit card payment at the table!

The guest has the option of paying at the table by swiping their card on the Mobile POS tablet/phone.

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