quick & easy
cleaning app

Piccoline provides an effortless management of all room cleaning and maintenance status.

Piccoline is a fast, simple cleaning and maintenance app, perfectly integrated with Picasso.

Incredibly easy to use

Piccoline is remarkably simple to use and synchronizes automatically with Picasso.

The manager or receptionist can create tasks on individual rooms, select automatic creation of tasks in every room or a combination of both and send it to Piccoline.

The cleaning staff read and change status on each room as they clean them and check off the todo list.

They can also create maintenance tasks on the way and give feedback about a task to the reception.

In the setting you can customize if you want to display the occupants names in Piccoline or e.g. only maintenance tasks should be visible (e.g. for the maintenance staff)

Many options with Piccoline
and Picasso

  • Digital cleaning lists for housekeeping is sent to Piccoline on their smartphone or tablet.
  •  Change cleaning status in Picasso via the Piccoline app (clean, urgent, used, pick-up, ongoing)
  • Manual assignment of additional cleaning tasks (like descaling showerheads etc.)
  • Saving photos of maintenance tasks and sending them to maintenance staff or technician.
  • Quick overview of any cleaning notes (current and/or future guests)
  • See estimated quantity of linen required for the following day.
  • ‘Checked Out Rooms Only’ – exclusively show rooms with guest that have already left the hotel.
  • Reports of time spent and tasks done.
  • Caretaker/technician has their own list of relevant tasks.
  • Send tasks to cleaning or caretaker via the Picasso reception module.
  • Cleaning staff can sign off rooms in Picasso via Piccoline.

New features

  • App is updated and now operates on all platforms (Android + iOS)
  • New blue colour (arrival in rooms so that these for instance can be prioritized)
  • Red dot (if you wish to see active/manual tasks)
  • Option to integrate to power and heat management (automatically on/off in accordance to cleaning status) 

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