Our TecHosting is constantly updated with the latest hardware and security procedures and our Hybrid Cloud Host is under constant monitoring.

Host on your own server
or the Techotel server?

Picasso Digital is centrally located on Techotel Hybrid Cloud Host, for both Techotel Server and Microsoft Azure.
All hotels that buy or rent Picasso Digital have a choice of whether they want to store their individual data – ie. settings, text and files on their own server or with us.

Your own server

If you want to be responsible for the hosting yourself and already have your own server we can  accommodate you.

Make sure the server has the required settings – please check with us first!

We ensure the highest security
with Hybrid Cloud Azure

The latest equipment

AK Techotel is constantly and frequently changing our hardware, so we have the latest hardware and the best protection against viruses.

A team of experts

Our hardware department consists of people trained in system administration. They can therefore quickly identify errors or additional needs in our hosting department. At the same time, they know everything about Picasso Digital.

The best security

AK Techotel’s server park has an uptime of 99%. Should something still go wrong, we have backups of everything both in the Clouds and at an external hosting centre.

Call or write to us and get a quote!

Call or write to us
if you would like to hear more about hosting