GDPR Digital

Easy acquisition and administration of mandatory concents

Get your guests’ concent to save their data automatically and conveniently

Safety and customer data

GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. It is sometimes also called the EU’s personal data regulation and describes a number of measures that companies must comply with in order to be allowed to save their customers’ personal data for e.g. marketing, statistics and additional sales.

Storing and using customer data is an important part of hotel management and therefore an important area to have under control.

With Picasso Digital’s GDPR module, a message is automatically sent to the guest, as soon as customer data is saved. In the message is a link to a portal, where the guest can easily and quickly manage and approve their personal data consents in order for the hotel to be allowed to save data.

Guests who do not give consent are automatically anonymized in Picasso Digital.

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