Great feedback

We always appriciate feedback from our customers but especially ones like this, who reports how much of a difference Picasso Digital and Mona AI has done for for the joy of working at a small hotel in Norway.

The report is from the beautiful, historic Dølen Hotel in Norway.

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For your convenience, we have translated from Norwegian to English.
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–  Being a smaller hotel with only 12 rooms, we weren’t entirely convinced, that digitizing check-in and check-out would necessarily be a great idea.

Fortunately, we were wrong!

After updating our business with digital check-in and check-out curtesy of the Mona AI assistant, our workday has changed significantly.
We now have much more time for our guests in the breakfast room, as check-out largely is facilitated by the guests themselves when they pay for their stay through the link that “Mona AI” sends them via SMS.

We don’t need to increase staffing in the summer season since check-out runs much smoother. Previously, we found ourselves running between sizzling fried eggs and impatient guests with jingling keys – now we wave a friendly goodbye from the grill and continue serving the guests who haven’t left yet.

We also don’t need full staffing at the reception in the evenings as before. In the low season, we had to be ready to assist guests checking in in the afternoon/evening and had to wait until late at night for those arriving late.

Now we just make sure the information is correct in Picasso Digital – such as name and mobile number, and guests automatically receive a PIN code for the doors and check themselves in. If they want an invoice, we handle it afterwards.

Any drop-in guests booking rooms late are kindly asked to do so via our website. They then receive an SMS with a payment link and PIN code after paying. By this we ensure guests pay, and they can check in whenever it suits them best.

We’ve gotten an entirely new everyday life at our small hotel – and it feels safe and good to let Mona AI take control during quiet periods, so we can take a walk in the woods with our dogs – knowing that the guests get settled indoors as they should.

Else Haugland
Manager, Dølen Hotel